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FrnnaCs Last Theorem started. Theory of ideal numbers.
Summer's indention comparable to Lobatchwshjs. Wave
surface in four dimensions. Big of body, mind, and heart.
Ded&ind, tof pupil of Gauss. lirst expositor of Galois.
Early interest in science. Turns to mathematics. Dede-
linfs rcori on continuity. His creation of the theory of
£S. THE LAST UNIVERSALIST                              580
POIXCABE (135W912)
Psinc&res wivcTsalUy and methods. Childhood setbacks.
Seizfd by mlhmatics. Keeps his sanity in Franco-Prus-
sian war. Starts as mining engineer. First great work,
Automrphic functions, 'The keys of the algebraic cosmos.'
The problem of n todies. Is Finknd civilized? Poincw£&
near mrtfcods in celestial mechanics. Cosmogony. How
mathematical discoveries are made. Poincarfs account.
Foretodings and premature death.
29. PARADISE LOST?                                              612
CANTOR (1845-1918)
Old foes with ««2 faces. Rotting creeds. Cantor's artistic
inheritance and father-fixation. Escape, tut too Me. His
rKolutionary work gets him msefare* Academic pettiness.
Disastrous consequences of 'safety first*. An epochal result.
Paradox or truth? Infinite existence of transcendtntals.
AggMssfaenesa advances, timidity retires. Further specta-
cular daim. Two types of nwztottrfuJtans. Insane?
Counttr-moluim, The 608fe grws fiercer. Curving ike
tnmy> Vntemal loss of temper. Where stands mathe*
inolm to-day? Axdwhere wiU it stand to-morrow? Inmctus*
TO VOLUMES ONE AND Two                    640